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Local Produce

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Woodland Gourmet Mushrooms are grown in the Milawa Gourmet Area of Victoria


Boonderoo farm bakery specialises in sourdough and rye breads, as well as traditional European pastries such as brioche and strudel. The flour is milled on site the day before baking, and all breads and deserts are baked in a woodfire oven.

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The Nutman

Alan has been at the markets since their inception selling varieties of nuts and dried fruits


Silvana and Elio have been making fresh pasta and sauces from traditional recipes for as long as we can remember.  

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Alpine Strudel

Christian makes authentic German Strudel, made in Bright


Red Elk Beverage Co is a family run business specialising in premium beverage mixing syrups, that are a healthier, high quality alternative to other brands.
Handmade and short batched in Australia using Australian ingredients, with no gluten products & artificial sweeteners.
They’re specifically designed to have lots of flavour, so you use less when mixing drinks, making it lower in sugar.

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Beechworth Berries are a very popular seasonal producer.  Bringing fresh strawberries to our Market, get in early before they sell out


Bucks Hill Farm

Fresh Tree Fruits, Seasonally from the Orchard-Apricots, Cherries, Peaches, Nectarines, Brambleberries, Raspberries Red/Black, some Strawberries. Apples, Pears, Plums-autumn.
Some preserves made from value added orchard fruits.

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Verduci Produce

Frank and Maria Verduci produce a range of seasonal vegetables and stone fruits on their 10-acre farm near Cobram in northern Victoria.


Since late 2018 we have been making and maturing a small range of cows and goats cheeses at our micro cheese factory in Myrtleford. We source our milk from a single organic diary farm in the adjacent Kiewa Valley. With its high rainfall and quality soils, the Kiewa Valley has long been one of Australia's premier diary regions.


Bowmans Run

Great local wine maker based in Wooragee, Victoria

Bright Market November 2020 - 158.jpg

Snowy Creek Orchards

Growing great produce along the Snowy Creek in Bright since 1922

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