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Homewares, Plants, Art and more

Lucy is a local potter who aims to create beautiful, functional ceramics that bring a sense of joy to life's everyday moments. Her work is predominantly made on the pottery wheel and is inspired by the mountain surrounds of her home.

Bright Market November 2020 - 072.jpg

Selling handmade ceramics, knitwear & jewellery at markets in Victoria’s alpine region


At Stone Hill View we believe there is still a place for those simple, tactile products that remind us of years gone by…the smell of leather, the warmth of a woollen blanket, items made by hand. It’s things like this that connect us to our Australian heritage.

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Handcrafted beeswax wraps. A natural, reusable alternative to single-use plastic. (not at the market during winter) 

I have always loved painting and drawing and creating artworks of different styles. Being surrounded by nature and going for walks around the area I became inspired by the natural environment and decided to create artworks to represent where I live and I especially love pressing flowers and leaves and incorporating them in my jewellery and resin pieces.


Brudari Bulbs and Nursery

Bruce is a stalwart of the Markets and sells his bulbs and plants grown locally

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Steve takes amazing photo's in North East Victoria.  You can buy them in varying sizes and mounts.  


Buffalo River nursery supplies quality Australian Native and exotic plants.

Most of our plants are grown ourselves from seeds and cuttings. While we grow plants that are colourful, bird attracting and easy to maintain, we have also chosen plants that we know will do well in North East Victoria.

Creative Collective -3747- uses old win barrels and timbers to make furniture and other items. 


Sewing quality bags of numerous types and welding caps. Uniquely handcrafted with heavy duty sewing.  (not at the market during winter)

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